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Project Description

Lodz’s oldest heat and power plant EC1 was opened in 1907 and provided the citizens with heat and electricity until 2000. Closed buildings going into ruin, located in the very centre of the city, became an inspiration for the New Centre of Lodz project to revitalise, economically and socially, the central part of the city, by creating a new, functional centre with numerous public spaces, interesting architecture and a rich offer of cultural events and various services. The complex is composed, among others, of EC1 East buildings having the surface area of 20,374 m2, which will have cultural and artistic functions, and EC1 West buildings having the surface area of 18,355 m2, which will house an interactive Science and Technology Centre.

Creative Planet was providing consultancy and support services to EC-1 management to assure that both the Planetarium and spherical projection 3D Cinema will represent state of the art level in terms of projection system and design.